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    1. Thanks girl! I LOVE silks..always have. I just dont have the money to spend on fresh flowers all the time! :0)

    1. Thanks so much friend! Yes, you can have them around for a loooong time:0) Fresh is great but silks are ore practical :0) xoxo

    1. Let me know when you try it Erin! Seriously it’s not that bad. I remember trying to do something like this years ago and failing SO bad. But for whatever reason this time around it was alot more natural…it’s because I’m a little older now…lol!

  1. Thanks, I was just about to head out and get flowers for a party tomorrow, and this will help me make good choices and arrange them at home. Now I jut need to hold down my squirming 3 year old at his haircut and my day is done:)

    1. They are still sitting there! I’m meeting up with a girlfriend this week and I just might give them to here:0) But it’s so hard cause I like them ALOT! haha! #keepers

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