This pretty flowering bush is located in my front yard. It blooms a very pretty yellow flower during the summer spring and early fall months. So basically  all year around here in AZ. We have a few bushes in the front  just to add some color! 

My little girl always picks these and gives them to me. I guess it’s her flower of choice:0) Don’t you love when you get a handful of crushed petals from your babies. It’s my favorite. It’s one of the first things that they actually GIFT to you. When they pick flowers, they make an immediate connection to the act of giving and happiness. I’m never quite sure who’s more happy. Me getting them or her giving them. Either way, it’s my favorite. 

Yellow Lantana

Yellow Lantana in the Sun



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  1. I love lantana, it is so pretty! I had a pair of lantana trees on my front porch that were recently snapped in two by high winds. Oh the horror. I love when I get sweet flowers from my baby. His are weeds from the yard but still pretty!

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