I love reading posts like this. So when I was having dinner in Chicago with my friend Elizabeth from the College Housewife and she told me she did one I immediately went to read it and fell in love with her all over again! ( She’s allergic to cats too!!) It’s so great to get to know someone you’ve followed via the internet a little bit more. I mean, who are these people behind the computer writing all this beautiful content and taking beautiful pictures?!?…haha! Well here are 25 Random Things about ME! 



  1. I’m afraid of dogs. I think you should know that. I feel like after the first few minutes of meeting someone this somehow comes up. Mostly because I know how serious dog lovers are. Same as cat lovers. Y’all. DON’T.PLAY!! SO I don’t want to offend anyone so I just tell them upfront. Because I’m really that scared! The funny thing is that I have three kids and hubby who LOVE dogs and I can feel the family pressure piling on. My son is always showing me pictures of puppies hoping one day my hard little dog heart will grow!! If I ever do change my mind and my fear I would want this dog.  
  2. I don’t have a favorite color. It was always a hard question for me to answer in school because really I love all the colors! I definitely gravitate towards more neutrals but there is special place in my heart for bright loud rainbow colors!! 
  3. I was born and raised in Phoenix. I bet you’re like cool. I was born and raised in XYZ! But for whatever reason being born and raised in Phoenix is rare! People stare at us natives like…wow, you’re special! You’ve lived with this heat your entire life?! Savage! 
  4. Mexican food is lifeeee!! I mean we are in Phoenix. 
  5. I don’t use an alarm. Never have. I just wake up when it feels right. Most of the time it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. haha
  6. I know all the prepositions. We had to memorize it in the 5th grade. Because you know… adults everywhere are in need of a preposition on a daily basis, said no one ever. 
  7. I mentioned this via Instagram one time but it needs to be said. I’m still not over Nick and Jessica. Newlyweds was the SHOW! What happened? They were so great together! haha! Team Nick or Team Jess.
  8. I just started drinking coffee 3 years ago. I thought it was a very grown up thing to do. I was right. Now I want all the coffee. 
  9. I use to be a teacher. I got my degree in Elementary Education but retired after 2 years.  It’s hard out there in the streets. 
  10. I don’t drink and there is a reason.  But it takes people by surprise all the time. Plus I think you’ll be shocked on why I don’t. 
  11. When I get solicitors at the door, they’re sometimes caught off guard. They aren’t really sure how old I am. They usually ask for the owners of the house. So I always say I’m the nanny or my parents aren’t home. hahaha
  12. I love a hot baths. Bath over showers. But I still love a good shower too. 
  13. I’m an excellent jump roper. It’s the most random talent I have. I use to jump competitively in elementary school! 
  14. I played college volleyball at the  University of Central Arkansas! Go Sugar Bears! That was seriously our mascot. 
  15. I also played at Glendale Community College and that’s where I met Reggie. He was playing basketball! It was our little spin on Love and Basketball.  
  16. I’m the middle child and I do believe in middle child syndrome!!! I have an older brother and younger sister so I know all about Marsha Marsha Marsha….look it up.
  17. I’m an introvert and an extrovert when I need to be! But I always always need to unplug from the world, friends and family after a party or even long weekend of get togethers. #turtlepower 
  18. Growing up I never knew what I wanted to be! I honestly wanted to be a chef, hair stylist, a buyer, stylist, mom, wife, teacher, etc. I guess I’m all those things now! 
  19. I’m HORRIBLE at math. I still use my fingers and I can’t calculate a tip to save my life!!! Whenever there is pressure and math together. I fail every.single.time.
  20. I can talk without moving my lips and it sounds  like there is a baby/small child stuck inside my belly. I know. I know. It’s just true you guys. I had way to much free time at some point in my life. 
  21. I don’t do small talk. I can’t. It’s super awkward. But deep talks I can do alllll day! Especially when someone GETS you! Those are the best. 
  22. I love old shows, old music and musicals. Reggie thinks I’m stuck in a different time. Cosby show ( sorry) Saved by the Bell, I Love Lucy, I just discovered Gidget on Amazon and I watched the entire season in a few days and then did research on why there was only ONE season. haa! Oh and Andy Griffith, Fresh Prince, Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz, Martin, Friends…  I would rather watch all the old shows and movies! The new ones seem to have the same plot each time and I can’t get into them! All though I will say I did watch Parenthood. That was my jam! Same for music. My playlist includes Midnight Train to Georgia, anything from the Temptations, and just about every R&B song from the 90’s.  
  23. I’m always cold. Like for reals. I need to get that checked out. My feet are icicles and so are my hands!
  24. I do one heck of a faux gymnastic beam routine. I blame the Magnificent Seven from the 1996 Olympics. They basically were my heros. Them and all the girls from the Babysitters Club
  25. I have an extra tooth on the bottom row. Like for real extra. Most people have 32 and I have 33. I never got it removed. It just sits there all sideways and crowded. But I feel like it’s one of those things that God gave me for a reason. Like here. I love you. Here’s an extra tooth. hahaha!  

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